Startup Account #6- Bringing the world to women

Deependra | November 18, 2016
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Mr. Kiran Timsina


Urban Girl and UG cakes


Please tell us a little about your enterprise.

We have been officially in operation since 2012. Under the banner of ‘UG’ – that originally stood for Urban Girl, we have an online shopping store and a bakery service that delivers cakes. We are 2 partners in the company and currently have more than 25 people working for us.


Please tell us more about the range of services offered by UG.

Besides cakes from our bakery services (for which we now have a separate outlet), we deliver only ladies products. We began with selling accessories - mainly imitation jewelry. Then came the clothing followed by customized silver jewelry.


Please tell us about your initial investment.

We initially invested twenty thousand rupees and since then we have been operating on the profits made.


How did you and your partner come up with the idea of this company?

Previously, we both worked at an IT company of which I was also co-owner. Actually, popular online shopping games inspired us to open a real online shopping portal here in Nepal. We basically targeted girls and young women living in urban areas who had access to the Internet – from where we came with the name Urban Girl.


How do you view the company registration process in Nepal?

Company registration process of Nepal is not really that difficult. For instance, there are large numbers of dysfunctional but still registered companies in Nepal. If the company registration process had been so hard, this volume would have possibly been smaller. We need to prepare documentation well – all things else will then work out fine.


Where do you see your company after a couple of years from now?

Our main aim is to satisfy our growing female customer base in all things they demand. Thus we want to see our company as a one-stop shopping portal for women in few years to come.


How do you view Nepal’s business ecosystem?

There is no limit to opportunities in Nepal. Our market is very small and yet to be saturated. But brain drain is the ultimate drawback which eventually demotivates the business sector as a whole. 


Do you have any suggestions for aspiring entrepreneurs?

As I mentioned earlier, our market is still small and new business models can be tested inexpensively, so don’t hesitate about trying your ventures out. Besides this, our trade relation with neighboring India can act as a supportive factor when wanting to expand. 

Deependra Chamlagain
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